Did Geoffrey of Monmouth tell us the truth….?

  Well, of course Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But if, by any wild chance, his Historia Regum Britanniae is a flight of immense fancy, well that’s alright by me because it’s a wonderful work. šŸ˜Š To read more, go to this link.

The Middle Ages and the movies….

  ā€œ….InĀ The Middle Ages and the MoviesĀ eminent historian Robert Bartlett takes a fresh, cogent look at how our view of medieval history has been shaped by eight significant films of the twentieth century. The book ranges from the concoction of sex and nationalism in Mel Gibsonā€™sĀ Braveheart,Ā to Fritz Langā€™s silent masterpieceĀ Siegfried, the art-house classicĀ The Seventh SealĀ to… Continue reading The Middle Ages and the movies….


Netflix will soon be showing a new medieval series, ‘OUTLAW KING’, about Scotland’s Robert the BRUCE. While I have no idea how good the script is or how close the series will stay to the historical record, the costumes and hair styles seem more appropriate to the time than many recent offerings. It’s not overtly… Continue reading NOW WE HAVE ROBERT–WHY NOT RICHARD?