No longer passing the Buc(k)?

Now for some very interesting news: Arthur Kincaid’s The History of King Richard the Third is set for a new edition, based on forty years of further research. Kincaid has managed to distinguish the forensic research of Sir George Buc (1560-1622), whose great-grandfather fought at Bosworth and whose grandfather was at Flodden, from that of… Continue reading No longer passing the Buc(k)?

Annette Carson: in sympathy with King Richard

To the delight of travelers across the globe, tired of lugging all those hard-copy books on planes, trains and automobiles, Annette Carson’s Richard III The Maligned King has just been released in ebook form and can now be purchased on  Along with John Ashdown-Hill, Carson is part of a new generation of historians who… Continue reading Annette Carson: in sympathy with King Richard

A Tale of Three Mistresses – Mangled by More

(from Our primary source of gossip about Edward IV’s mistresses is attributable to the pen of Thomas More (1478–1535), knight and latterly saint. While writing about Richard III, More found space for a lengthy diversion into the career of ‘Mistress Shore’, perhaps Edward’s most notorious extra-marital concubine, about whose present and past conditions the… Continue reading A Tale of Three Mistresses – Mangled by More

New Year, old Ricardian books….

Did someone acquire a nice little New Year treat? At noon on 4th January, in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, the books in the above illustration were up for auction.…/lot-02e2b5da-0bc6-4ca7-a3ff-… Here’s the description of Lot Number 58:- “RICHARD III Buck (George) The History of the Life and Reigne of Richard the Third, 1647, London, W. Wilson, 4to,… Continue reading New Year, old Ricardian books….


  Richard duke of Gloucester – The King’s Lieutenant in the North “And he governed those countries very wisely and justly in time of peace and war and preserved concord and amity between the Scots and English so much as he could. But the breaches between them could not so strongly be made up to… Continue reading THE ANGLO SCOTTISH WAR 1480-82

Eleanor again

John Ashdown-Hill’s Eleanor, the Secret Queen was first published in 2009, detailing Lady Eleanor Talbot’s family and early life, the circumstances in which she married Edward IV, her similarities to his mistress Elizabeth Woodville (they were dark haired, older and widows of Lancastrian-inclined men), canon law and how it affected Edward’s relationships and children together… Continue reading Eleanor again

Richard III by the Legendary Ten Seconds by Elke Paxson February 2016

A few months ago I discovered the music of The Legendary Ten Seconds and I’m thrilled that their third and newest album of the Richard III trilogy (the first one being “Loyaulte Me Lie” and the second “Tant Le Desiree”) is also out on CD. The songs are again pithy and meaningful. It also comes… Continue reading Richard III by the Legendary Ten Seconds by Elke Paxson February 2016

The life and death of Elizabeth of York…

Here is a ‘potted’ history of this enigmatic lady. I say enigmatic because she and Henry VII were thought to have married and then fallen in love, but no one really knows. He was certainly devastated when she died in childbirth, but was it the devastation of heartbreak? We will never find out, I suspect,… Continue reading The life and death of Elizabeth of York…

Thomas More, John Morton and Richard III

(by Annette Carson) On the matter of sources that are usually cited for the origin of Richard III’s blackened reputation, it occurs to me that I’ve done quite a lot of reading lately around Thomas More’s influential Richard III, which means I have been delving more deeply into the analyses published in the Appendix to… Continue reading Thomas More, John Morton and Richard III