Death and the Gallant

Many years ago I lived in Cowbridge in Glamorgan and one of my daughters was christened in Holy Cross Church. About twenty years later I joined the Richard III Society and discovered that Holy Cross had a connection to Richard III. The following is taken from History Cross Church was probably built around 1254… Continue reading Death and the Gallant

The battling Bishop of Norwich….

  Well, many of us will remember fondly the Baby-eating Bishop of Bath & Wells of Blackadder fame. I’m not writing about him, but of the Bold Battling Bishop of Norwich, who donned armour on 17th May 1383 and set off on a disastrous crusade against the French in Flanders. Not long ago I wrote… Continue reading The battling Bishop of Norwich….

How did Covent Garden acquire its name….?

  If you go to this site, you’ll find the following: “Covent Garden” is essentially a corruption of “Convent Garden” using the French couvent derivation as opposed to the Latin conventus…. “….Couvent means a religious building such as a nunnery or monastery…. “….By the 13th century, most of the present Covent Garden area was land belonging to Westminster Abbey… Continue reading How did Covent Garden acquire its name….?