Who was at Sheriff Hutton at the time of Bosworth….?

As I understand it, Richard sent his nieces Elizabeth and Cicely/Cecily to Sheriff Hutton before Bosworth, in the care of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, who was then Richard’s successor as Lord of the North. Lincoln may have stayed there, because there is no proof that he fought alongside Richard. It is also… Continue reading Who was at Sheriff Hutton at the time of Bosworth….?

When Shakespeare was in Gloucestershire….

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/19HhdTGyTKSJJcRfgzmvwKM/shakespeare-in-Gloucestershire When happening upon this BBC page, I was reminded of an old friend. I worked with her yonks ago and we have remained friends, if sporadically. Her maiden name was Shakespeare, and she said her family was descended from THE Shakespeares. Now, she is an intelligent woman, and would not have said that unless… Continue reading When Shakespeare was in Gloucestershire….

What really motivated medieval minds?

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Love, ambition, fame, self-interest, fear, religious conviction, physical desire for something or someone, patriotism, duty, compassion, self-sacrifice, revenge or bitter hatred. Historians make a case for the various motivations of historical figures in order to try and understand these people themselves and then persuade their readership through their analysis as…