Identifying another King

The monarch in question is Robert I (Bruce) and the investigation, as part of the Foundation for Mediaeval Genealogy’s Declaration of Arbroath Family History Project, is being carried out by the University of Strathclyde: Graham Holton has reported good progress in this press release: Genetic marker discovered for descendants of Bruce clan, January 2022.A distinct… Continue reading Identifying another King

A living, breathing Richard III….?

There have been “animations” of Richard before, and mock-ups of what he actually looked like, but I have to admit that this one is the best so far. We’re so accustomed to the “reconstruction” made from the exact dimensions of his skull, but there is no life in it, if you know what I mean.… Continue reading A living, breathing Richard III….?

What a difference a daub makes….

Where Richard III is concerned, his physical appearance is all important. His enemies alter his portraits to give him an evil, scheming aspect that suits their agenda. His friends prefer more flattering portraits that show him as he really was. There is one portrait in the National Portrait Gallery (above) that is perhaps the most… Continue reading What a difference a daub makes….

Did Edward III, Richard II and Henry VII look like this….?

  My internet travels take me here, there and everywhere…and today I came upon another site about facial reconstructions of past figures of consequence. There have been quite a few of these in recent years, and this one is an interesting addition. Well, addition for me, it may have been around for quite some time.… Continue reading Did Edward III, Richard II and Henry VII look like this….?

Now then, who does Abbot John remind YOU of….?

Oh, I do love these facial reconstructions! However, they can’t indicate the nature of the former person to whom they belong. Fascinating though. And I have to say my first thought was that the abbot reminds me of the late great actor, Brian Glover, except that Brian was much better looking! Then it was pointed… Continue reading Now then, who does Abbot John remind YOU of….?

The Great British Dig – History in Your Garden

This excellent series began with a pilot last April, with Hugh Dennis and three archaeologists looking for a Roman settlement on the site of a former inn in Maidstone’s Florence Road. It resumed in February with the small team moving to Benwell, Newcastle, to locate a Hadrian’s Wall fort, followed by a Viking burial ground… Continue reading The Great British Dig – History in Your Garden


A dramatic news story always makes headlines. Therefore, I was not entirely surprised when, several years ago, I saw a newpaper headline reading, ‘Richard III was a Blue-Eyed Blond.‘ Sadly, many people do not read beyond headlines, and completely missed the part that said ‘the blonde hair was probably only in childhood.’ (I never knew… Continue reading SPLITTING HAIRS–AGAIN

The blond Richard again….!

There are some interesting reconstructions here..apart from the blond Richard, which (try as I will) I just cannot accept. If he’d been blond (especially THAT blond!) it would surely have shown on his portraits. Or comment would have been made. His hair was medium-brown to dark, maybe a shade of chestnut…just NOT blond! It seems… Continue reading The blond Richard again….!


With advanced computer technology, more artists and other interested people are doing their own ‘facial reconstructions’ of famous historical figures, often giving them modern hair styles and clothes to let people see how they might have looked if they lived in the present day. The following article has 30 such images, and is interesting because… Continue reading HENRY “TUDOR” IN THE 21ST CENTURY?