The Maligned Ricardians

Part 2 – Sir George Buck “The historiographer must be veritable and free from all prosopolepsies and partial respects; he must not add or omit anything, either of partiality or of hatred.” (Sir George Buck – The History of King Richard III)   Introduction Sir George Buck (1560-1622) faithfully served two English Monarchs in a… Continue reading The Maligned Ricardians

What was Stillington’s motive?

Although Commines is the principal source for Robert Stillington being the clergyman who informed Richard of the alleged marriage between Edward IV and Lady Eleanor Talbot, the treatment of the bishop after the accession of Henry VII does appear to support the idea that he was the man involved. Indeed it appears that the Lords… Continue reading What was Stillington’s motive?

An overheard Conversation

‘Edward,’ said the Duchess of York, in her sad-but-angry voice, ‘it is high time we had words. This ridiculous marriage you say you have made is simply the last straw. What sort of king marries in secret? And to someone, I may add, of no particular distinction of birth! You should be ashamed of yourself,… Continue reading An overheard Conversation

George Joseph Smith and the Talbot-York precontract

Following the comparison between the remains that purport to be Edward IV’s sons and those that purported to be Mrs. Crippen, we revisit early C20 crime, although in this case we can be sure that a crime took place. George Joseph Smith was born in January 1872 and contracted a legal marriage in 1898, to… Continue reading George Joseph Smith and the Talbot-York precontract