The death of Richard III’s consort….

  Today in 1485 Anne Neville died, leaving the king a childless widower. Well, without legitimate children, for Richard had at least two illegitimate children, born before his marriage. The only trueborn child, Edward of Middleham had died almost exactly a year before, on 9 April 1484. Richard had to marry again after Anne—kings need… Continue reading The death of Richard III’s consort….

Eclipse coincidences…?

Sometimes coincidences can be really eerie, and I think the eclipses of 1485 and 2015 fall into that category, because of Anne Neville’s death during one, and because there is to be another on Friday, immediately prior to the reinterment week of Richard III.. See There are 530 years between 1485 and 2015, and… Continue reading Eclipse coincidences…?