Have two lost islands been traced off the Welsh coast….?

  The thought of lost/sunken lands has always fascinated me, beginning with the legendary land of Lyonesse, once believed to be off the coast of Cornwall, between Land’s End and the present Isles of Scilly. It features prominently in the story of Tristan and Iseult. And, like many such sunken lands, the bells of its… Continue reading Have two lost islands been traced off the Welsh coast….?

Wars of the Roses Delights in Suffolk

After over a year, I have finally been able to go on another holiday in which to indulge in my passion of church and castle crawling. I haven’t spent much time in Suffolk before–it’s just a little too far–but there were some places I really wanted to visit, so off we went, braving a crazed… Continue reading Wars of the Roses Delights in Suffolk

The lost city of Dunwich….

Why are we so fascinated by the thought of lands and cities lost beneath the sea? Such tales are both compelling and a little frightening, but have always been around. No doubt they always will be. I’ve always been particularly intrigued by stories of the land of Lyonesse, but this article is about Dunwich, which… Continue reading The lost city of Dunwich….

Dunwich: Britain’s Medieval Atlantis….

This article by the Daily Mail is very interesting. I am always spooked by the thought of sunken towns and villages, ghostly church bells tolling mournfully beneath the waves and so on, but this is much more scientific than my over-active imagination. Well worth reading.