Four Richards, three Joans….and a dragon!

My research perambulations have brought me full circle…back to the Waldegrave family of the 14th century. When rechecking the history of parliament online I found the following sentence in a footnote:- “….Considerable confusion has arisen from the existence of four successive Sir Richard de Waldegraves, especially as the last three all had wives named Joan….” No you-know-what,… Continue reading Four Richards, three Joans….and a dragon!

Beware the dragons of Suffolk….

“….CPR, 1401-5, 377, 482. In 1405, according to the St. Albans chronicler who was suitably impressed by the event, a dragon appeared near Sudbury, hard by the vill of Buryra (probably Bures), and the serfs of Sir Richard de Waldegrave, on whose demesne it was found, shot at it with arrows, but with no effect.… Continue reading Beware the dragons of Suffolk….

Is green the Devil’s colour….?

  It’s said that green is the colour of the Devil; it’s also my favourite colour, so I don’t know what that says about me. All I know is that when I was growing up, green was almost always declared to be unlucky. In my teens, I was invited to be a bridesmaid for a… Continue reading Is green the Devil’s colour….?