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I came upon an interesting Instagram post  by Royalty-now where someone had taken the Society of Antiquaries portrait of Richard III, removed his hat and long hair and blended his face with that of a 21st century man. Although I miss the hair personally, I think he scrubbed up rather well! A few folk commenting noticed a resemblance to certain actors–Richard Armitage came up (Richard who was named for OUR Richard and  was born on August 22) and also Dr Who actor Arthur Darvill.

Modern Richard

For comparison, here is someone doing something similar with a couple  of the Tudors–Elizabeth I (also looking spookily as I’d imagine Margaret Beaufort did), looks like a very intimidating cutthroat business woman or politician…while her dad, Henry VIII, looks more like a night-club bouncer!




Some folk also claim to see a resemblance to some of Richard’s modern day descendants too–here is an article on Michael Ibsen and his family that is not often seen as it is from a Canadian source. I personally don’t see much  similarity to Michael, although some others do…but perhaps a little in his brother Jeff?

Canadian Relatives of Richard III

R.I.P. Paul Darrow….


Paul Darrow was an excellent actor, and often on our screens a few decades back. He died on 3rd June 2019 after a short illness, and I am sad he has gone. I don’t remember him playing a part in Dr Who as if he were Richard III, but I remember him particularly in Blake’s 7. His Avon was a wonderful character, played to perfection.

R.I.P. Paul.

To read more, go to this post.

Richard III and Dr Who together beneath one roof….?


The Belmont Hotel in Leicester has rooms to acknowledge the city’s claims to fame, including a Space Room, because of the National Space Centre and the university’s successful developments in space research since the 1960s. Former Dr Who, Colin Baker, came to advertise the new room. Possibly without the aid of the Tardis, but one can never be sure. He may even know Richard.

Another room is planned for Leicester City Football Club’s triumph in the 2o16 season, but for Ricardians, the main news will be that there is also a room to commemorate the discovery of Richard III!

There is more concerning Dr Who and Richard III at :-

Dr Who and Bishop Waynflete…


An old episode of Dr Who (1988) was on television this morning. Called “Silver Nemesis”, it was partly filmed in a beautiful old 15th century house that I did not recognise. So a quick Google revealed it to be St Mary’s House and Gardens at The Street, Bramber, West Sussex. It was built circa 1470 by William of Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, and might have been demolished in 1946, had it not been saved. It is now owned by the author and composer Peter Thorogood, who with curator and designer Roger Linton embarked on a programme of restoration of the house and garden in 1984. Today it has thousands of visitors and recently won an award for the best restoration. It is a jewel, and from the period of English history that interests the readers of Murrey & Blue. See more about it at and


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