Where Richard’s body lay after Bosworth….

Some more news about the Leicester church (the Newarke) to which Richard’s body was taken after Bosworth. You have to look for it in the following article, but it is there. http://www.dmu.ac.uk/…/two-more-dmu-buildings-are-placed-on… And as we of the 21st century, gaze back to that sad time, perhaps we can imagine the ghostly battle taking place again, in… Continue reading Where Richard’s body lay after Bosworth….

A much overlooked landmark

Those of you who attended part of Richard III’s reburial week, or visited St. Martin’s Cathedral and the Visitors’ Centre subsequently, may have wandered off into the east of the city centre along Cank Street, Silver Street by the old arcades, or even the High Street, past. At the end of High Street, into which… Continue reading A much overlooked landmark

Richard’s first resting place

… was the Newarke Church in the 1331 Hospital of the Annunciation, in which he laid from August 22-25 1485, also described here. The Earl of Leicester at the time of the construction was Henry of Lancaster, son of Edmund Crouchback. This is the Hawthorn Building of de Montfort University, on the same site today.… Continue reading Richard’s first resting place