Thirty ingenious inventions for medieval castles….

Hmmm…some of the entries in this article are definitely applicable solely to castles, but some are either not universal (e.g. staircases twisting one way only spiral staircases) or were definitely not first thought of when castles came into being (e.g. surrounding your stronghold with water). But it’s an interesting list for all that.

When the English ruled the Bastille….!

Historical reconstruction showing the moat below the walls of Paris (left), the Bastille and the Porte Saint-Antoine (right) in 1420 We all know about the storming of the Bastille on 14th July, 1789, resulting in the continued annual celebration of the occasion throughout France. But the Bastille was a medieval fortress, and we, the English,… Continue reading When the English ruled the Bastille….!