New Wars of the Roses postage stamps showing Graham Turner’s magnificent paintings….!

Wow! These new postage stamps are brilliant. So colourful and truly interesting. Well done whoever chose to do this, and well done even more Graham Turner for his amazing paintings. Among the other battle scenes depicted are Wakefield, Towton, First Battle of St Albans, Tewkesbury and Northampton.

A Tale of Three Mistresses – Mangled by More

(from Our primary source of gossip about Edward IV’s mistresses is attributable to the pen of Thomas More (1478–1535), knight and latterly saint. While writing about Richard III, More found space for a lengthy diversion into the career of ‘Mistress Shore’, perhaps Edward’s most notorious extra-marital concubine, about whose present and past conditions the… Continue reading A Tale of Three Mistresses – Mangled by More

The King In The Lab – Richard III’s Dissolute Diet

Originally posted on RICARDIAN LOONS:
I recently had the opportunity to attend a talk by Professor Jane Evans of the British Geological Survey, co-author of the multi-isotope analysis which explored what the last Plantagenet king of England ate and drank. As I mentioned in a previous science post, this study formed the basis for the…

A new biography of Henry VI by David Grummitt . . .

A new biography about this Lancastrian king. The following is the blurb, not a review, because it isn’t available until 26th May. Available at Amazon, and, I’m sure, a lot of other places too. But here’s a link to the Amazon page. Blurb: In this new assessment of Henry VI, David Grummitt synthesizes a… Continue reading A new biography of Henry VI by David Grummitt . . .