Pandemics through history….

  For the last few years we’ve been beset by a pandemic. COVID-19 is the new blight on the block, and has set about knocking us down like ninepins in spite of antibiotics and even immunisation. But modern medicine has done a lot to standing up to the silent menace. In times gone by folks… Continue reading Pandemics through history….

Shakespeare Takes A Shot

Only 405 years after his death, Mr William Shakespeare of Warwickshire, England has taken a tremendous step forward for mankind, (and so he should after what he did with THAT play.) In all seriousness, though, on December 8th , Mr William Shakespeare, a gentlemen who is indeed from Warwickshire, was the second person and first… Continue reading Shakespeare Takes A Shot

The prospect of an exciting new dig at York….!

The York Archaeological Society is hoping that an important new dig in the city is going to attract thousands of tourists. It will be an excavation into the city’s Roman history, and being outdoors will be an advantage in these times of Covid 19 restrictions. This can only be a good thing when so many… Continue reading The prospect of an exciting new dig at York….!