The Middleham Jewel and Richard III….

  Among the treasures going on display at the Yorkshire Museum is the Middleham Jewel (see above). Of course, the National Portrait Gallery painting of Richard III (see below) is also going on display, because Yorkshire has a great attachment to the king who, as Duke of Gloucester, lived there for many years. The Middleham… Continue reading The Middleham Jewel and Richard III….

Were Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville married in this church….?

An article  about the end of stamp duty on some properties, included a smaller column from which I’ve taken the following: “….A six-bedroom family home [in Stanford-in-the-Vale] linked to Richard III sold for £2.65million after spending just three weeks on the market….[it] was once owned by Anne Neville, who was Queen Consort to Richard III….”… Continue reading Were Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville married in this church….?

The many wonders of medieval Caversham

Caversham is just across the Thames from Reading. The present bridge carrying the main road between the two places is modern, but it is more or less on the site of a medieval stone and timber bridge, dating from between 1163 and 1231. Sources vary as to whether it had one, two or three chapels,… Continue reading The many wonders of medieval Caversham


Reblogged from A Medieval Potpourri  15th century stained glass from  great east window St Nicholas Chapel, Gipping.  Did Elizabeth Wydeville gaze up at this very window if the family tradition is correct.    Photo thanks to Gerry Morris @ Flikr While there is much information on Sir James  Tyrell, c.1455-1502  available,  unfortunately some of… Continue reading SIR JAMES TYRELL – CHILD KILLER OR PROVIDER OF A SAFE HOUSE ?

A Cairo dweller Troll on Quora

I sometimes go on Quora to give answers to various questions, usually about Richard, and occasionally I get drawn into arguments with those who are entrenched in the belief that Richard was a usurping, chid-murdering hunchback. I can easily argue against these and, as an osteopath, I can state with authority that he wasn’t a… Continue reading A Cairo dweller Troll on Quora

Devon Roses

Devon Roses 2019 catalogue number R16 To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Devon & Cornwall branch of the Richard III Society Songs recorded from 2015 to 2019 at Rock Lee & Other World Studios   The lady singers of the Legendary Ten Seconds: Elaine Churchward vocals Jules Jones vocals Pippa West vocals Bridgit England… Continue reading Devon Roses

The True History of King Richard III (Part 1)

Fotheringhay Castle October 1452. The Duchess of York – aka the Rose of Raby – was not feeling very rose-like. Unsurprising, as she had been pregnant for two whole years. I mean, you know how big some women get after nine months, so after two years she was big. With a capital B. And awkward, and uncomfortable,… Continue reading The True History of King Richard III (Part 1)

Remembrance of a Wedding

Remembrance of a Wedding In the sleepy village of Stanford in the Vale, now in Oxfordshire, but formerly within the boundaries of Berkshire, stands one of the lesser known Ricardian sites. Stanford, like most English villages, is an ancient place. A corpse-path runs over the village green, and part of a cell once owned by… Continue reading Remembrance of a Wedding

Edward IV – no pussycat!

I find it – interesting, shall we say – that some people are so keen to hate Richard III that they tend to play down the fact that his brother, Edward IV, was at least as ruthless, if not more so. This does no service to Edward, who in some narratives seems to be a… Continue reading Edward IV – no pussycat!

A question of responsibility

Who takes the ultimate responsibility for events in late Medieval England? According to the Cairo-dwellers, from 1483 to August 1485, the answer is the King (Richard III), whether he knew what happened or not. According to the same people, the answer from 1471 to 1483 isn’t the King (Edward IV) but the Duke of Gloucester… Continue reading A question of responsibility