Who were the “Foppish Eleven” of 1483….?

My internet rambles take me here there and everywhere as I seek nuggets of medieval information. That is how I came upon this paper by A Compton Reeves . The title was clearly intriguing. The Foppish Eleven of 1483? Who? What? Why? Which king? Obviously 1483 was a year in which there were three kings… Continue reading Who were the “Foppish Eleven” of 1483….?

Lady Katherine Gordon – Wife to Perkin Warbeck

Reblogged from A medieval Potpourri sparkypus.com    St Michaels Mount.  ‘A Strong Place and Mighty’  wrote Warkworth in his Chronicle. Perkin left Katherine and their son here prior to his march to Exeter.  Note the causeway.  Thanks to John Starkey @ Flikr for this atmospheric photo. It may seem prima facie that Katherine was a tragic… Continue reading Lady Katherine Gordon – Wife to Perkin Warbeck


Now for something that every fashion-conscious  Lancastrian/Tudorite lady will SURELY want–a tight fitting  mini skirt emblazoned with the smiling…no, make that sucked-lemon… mug of none other than Henry Tudor! A Henry skirt is guaranteed to chase off unwanted suitors; in fact, as thus depicted, he’ll scare off pretty much anyone, really. Although I dare say… Continue reading A BIT OF SKIRT…

Confusion in Cairo: Sean Cunningham and the “Princes”

Not content with accusing Richard III of the death of nearly every notable in 15th century England, it seems of late there has been more ‘confusion in Cairo’ as the the traditionalists attempt to drag in Richard’s friends and relatives in order to back up their position. Recently, the loyal John Howard, Duke of Norfolk,… Continue reading Confusion in Cairo: Sean Cunningham and the “Princes”

The Copes of Westminster Abbey….?

Do not let the above title confuse you. This is not about a TV family saga miniseries, but a very interesting subject for all that. I still like to watch the repeats of ‘Time Team’, and yesterday it was the turn of the lost sacristy of Westminster Abbey. During the course of the programme, Tony… Continue reading The Copes of Westminster Abbey….?