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The dolls, toys and playthings of medieval children….

If you are interested in what medieval children played with, i.e. theirs toys and so on, rather than the things they found lying around and used according to their imagination, then this is an excellent site. It is part of the lars datter site, which offers a great deal of scope and information. The site’s official name is Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture.

My search for information about hobby horses is what took me to the site, and I thought it would be of interest to those who are absorbed in all things medieval.

Mugging with Henry VIII

And for your Christmas feast, a mug fit for a King. Or maybe a mug for a mug… You can now wake yourself up with a splash of caffeine whilst gazing at Henry VIII’s portly charm and watching his unfortunate ‘wives’ (due to the marriages being annulled , he technically only had two wives, not six!) vanish from their places behind their lord and master.

Henry would have deemed such a mug a truly magical object–and  no doubt he would also have wished that  he could have ‘vanished’ his unwanted ‘wives’ with equal ease…MUG

Last minute Christmas shopping?


Your own Henry VII dartboard – manufactured in Wales but probably not designed there. The factory is now working on a wall of pikes to hide the Squinting Usurper (c) behind.

h/t Ian Churchward

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