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Serial bigamy and murder again – the Henry VIII of Chicago?

On the left is Herman Webster Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes, an American serial killer executed in May 1896 whilst a few days short of his thirty-fifth birthday. On the right is the “murder castle”,



replete with trapdoors, sealed rooms and poison gas, he built in Chicago for the 1893 “World’s Fair” and from which at least nine people failed to emerge alive. Mudgett, a serial fraudster even before the disappearances began, confessed at one stage to killing far more people but later to just two murders. Unlike Henry VIII, George Joseph Smith and Crippen, he didn’t kill any real or imagined wives. The “murder castle” concept was later adapted in France by Marcel Petiot, who was also medically qualified.

Just like Smith, Mudgett made one proper marriage and it was never dissolved despite his abandonment of Clara Loveridge and several subsequent “marriage” ceremonies. As a result, she became his widow when he was hanged, although two other women imagined themselves to have that status. The castle was demolished and its grounds now abut a post office at Englewood.

The neighbourhood surrounding the area has since become one of the worst in Chicago.   Englewood sadly has one of the highest crime rates in said fair city.   (Ahem).   Perhaps Homes ghost is roaming as some say Henry’s is…


Richard’s good name hammered yet again….

Awful review...

I have one serious issue with this review by Catey Sullivan of Chicago, and that is the last line: “While Richard III may have been an awful king, the Gift Theatre’s production of Richard III is something wondrous.”
I doubt if Ms Sullivan knows anything about Richard III the man, only the Shakespeare fiction, which definitely depicts him as awful. Yes, yes, charming, engaging, and so on, but still AWFUL. Perhaps she has her adjectives the wrong way around. The real Richard was wondrous, for the way he strove to do what was right, and the immense valour he displayed when riding into death and betrayal. He died with a clear conscience.
This review wrongs him again. Another three steps back for his good name, which was…GOOD!

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