The Scottish rulers of Huntingdonshire….!

  This replica sword is, apparently, based on one owned by the Earl of Huntingdon. Which one? Well, the description at the beginning of the above site opens with “Historically, the Earl of Huntingdon is a title held by the Scottish rulers of Huntingdonshire, but in folklore, this title belonged to the legendary Robin Hood….” … Continue reading The Scottish rulers of Huntingdonshire….!

Lancastrian Sword Returns to Coventry

A ceremonial sword which was carried before the mayor of Coventry in royal processions during the Wars of the Roses is making a return to the city this summer. Coventry was a Lancastrian town, loyal to Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou, and was England’s fourth biggest city at the time. It was also briefly… Continue reading Lancastrian Sword Returns to Coventry