The Bishop of Lincoln’s country residence….

Let’s be honest, the more senior churchmen (bishops and above) have always known how to live well. For centuries they have enjoyed elegant surroundings. . .and have lacked for nothing. The subject of this article is 15th-century Lyddington Palace, home of the Bishops of Lincoln, such as this one. “By 1600, a lot of the palace… Continue reading The Bishop of Lincoln’s country residence….

A ‘Welsh’ Dynasty and Wales

Some people who are fond of Wales are also fond of the dynasty founded by Henry VII because they perceive it as ‘Welsh’. They tend to overlook that Edward IV and Richard III were descended from a real Welsh Prince, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. This was recognised at the time by Welsh commentators in the case… Continue reading A ‘Welsh’ Dynasty and Wales

Hatfield (2008)

Anniversary watch Having marked the anniversaries of Rowland Taylor’s execution (Hadleigh 1555) and Thomas Stafford’s landing (Scarborough 1557); I took the train to Hatfield yesterday. The estate is immediately opposite the station, on a Cambridge-London line, and the house is ten minutes’ walk from the entrance. It is E-shaped and guided tours explore all except… Continue reading Hatfield (2008)