A Strange Congruence

If you look at a map showing Lancastrian/Yorkist areas at the start of the war, there is a good degree of congruence with Royalist/Parliament division in the Civil War. Not complete, but fairly similar. The main difference is probably the Yorkist domination of the Welsh marches, which tended to be a bit Royalist in the… Continue reading A Strange Congruence

C17 deja vu all over again

Consider the following coincidences: 1) The Mortimer-York army in 1458-60 was led by the Duke of York, two sons, a brother-in-law and a nephew. Charles I’s principal commanders were himself, two sons and two nephews. 2) Richard of York had four healthy sons, one named after himself who became King. Charles I had three healthy… Continue reading C17 deja vu all over again