Bosworth and the builder of Bury Castle….

James Daly is the Member of Parliament for Bury North, but we can forgive him for that. Being a Member of Parliament, I hasten to say, certainly not Bury North! He is concerned about this historic site in Bury that is in danger of disappearing. In 1469 Sir Thomas Pilkington acquired a licence to crenellate,… Continue reading Bosworth and the builder of Bury Castle….

Sir Thomas Pilkington

Sir Thomas Pilkington, of Pilkington, Bury and various other places, led his tenants and retainers to Bosworth to fight for Richard III. Whether they got there in time is not 100% clear but Sir Thomas was attainted and lost his Lancashire lands. You’ll never guess which family received them. Yes, those caring, sharing Stanleys, in… Continue reading Sir Thomas Pilkington