A year of anniversaries

2016 has been the 1000th anniversary of Edund Ironside’s accession and death, also of the death of his father Ethelred Unraed and the double accession of Cnut of Denmark. It has also been the 950th anniverary of the battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, being the end of the House of Wessex after its interruption.… Continue reading A year of anniversaries

After Richard, where’s Wolsey….?

Leicester has more than one ‘lost’ personage, although Richard III has to be the most important, of course. But Cardinal Wolsey has eluded discovery so far, as is revealed in a very interesting article from the Leicester Mercury of 20th April 2015. http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/s-Wolsey-Richard-III-Leicester-starting-looking/story-26359810-detail/story.html

Fascinating details about how Richard may have been lain to rest…..

http://nerdalicious.com.au/history/fit-for-a-king-the-burial-and-reburial-of-richard-iii-with-john-ashdown-hill/ This article brims with interesting information relating to the form Richard’s burial may have taken at Grey Friars, Leicester. It raises more questions in my mind, not least that Richard may indeed have originally been placed in a coffin, as in the accompanying illustration, but that if the grave was too small for him,… Continue reading Fascinating details about how Richard may have been lain to rest…..