A wonderful deanery for sale in Wells cathedral close….

  I love looking at the properties for sale in Country Life. Some of them are too modern or just not to my taste. But this one in the Cathedral Close of Wells, is perfect. And only £1.1million. Only, did she say? It’s a wonderful old building and in a matchless historic site. On the… Continue reading A wonderful deanery for sale in Wells cathedral close….


The remains of a summer Palace belonging to the Bishops of Bath and Wells has been discovered in the village of Wiveliscombe in Somerset. The 13th century palace had fallen into disuse after the Reformation and lay in ruins by the 1700’s…when the site was built over and subsequently lost, with the exception of an… Continue reading THE BISHOP’S PALACE IN WIVELISCOMBE

Busting yet another Cairo myth

Bishop Robert Stillington was imprisoned soon after Bosworth and died in captivity in 1491, definitely by 15 May. It is generally thought that this was a punishment for providing the copious evidence that convinced the Three Estates, in June 1483, of Edward IV’s bigamy. This rendered Elizabeth of York and all her siblings legally illegitimate,… Continue reading Busting yet another Cairo myth