More of the interminable list of celebs descended from royalty….!

Perhaps the author of this Colombian article would have benefited from a good editor, but I think I’ve interpreted the gist of it. Three in the list of celebs leapt out at me, so to speak. Firstly Hilary Duff. Can someone tell me how Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army could be the… Continue reading More of the interminable list of celebs descended from royalty….!


Netflix will soon be showing a new medieval series, ‘OUTLAW KING’, about Scotland’s Robert the BRUCE. While I have no idea how good the script is or how close the series will stay to the historical record, the costumes and hair styles seem more appropriate to the time than many recent offerings. It’s not overtly… Continue reading NOW WE HAVE ROBERT–WHY NOT RICHARD?

‘The Hollow Crown’: A Poisoned Chalice or the Ultimate Prize?

Originally posted on Giaconda's Blog:
? Benedict Cumberbatch as Shakespeare’s Richard III ? I am currently watching the second instalment of Shakespeare’s history plays, concerning ‘The Wars of the Roses’ as interpreted by the BBC’s condensed and somewhat, contorted adaptation. The first part of ‘The Hollow Crown’ covered Shakespeare’s history plays: Richard II, Henry…

Is this a new Richard film? Or not…..? Before you examine the above links, let me say that the following tale of woe demonstrates the hazards of taking a press article at face value. Beware of doing so, for it can lead you up the garden path. . . Right. To the links. They require some wading through a clutter of… Continue reading Is this a new Richard film? Or not…..?

Plantagenet actors….?

Yesterday there was a comment on a Facebook group by a lady named Elizabeth Borson, that Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”, is a descendant of William Catesby, Richard III’s advisor. Kit is apparently also descended from Charles II, but it is Richard’s era that is of interest to… Continue reading Plantagenet actors….?