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Slightly disappointed ………..

Lady Antonia Fraser’s “The Kings and Queens of England” was a favourite of mine nearly forty years ago – my grandmother owned it and I read it whilst visiting her.

Anyway, I consulted the entries on Charles II and James II – Maurice Ashley wrote the Stuart chapter and he said:
1) (p.236) “(the Rye House Plot) …….. an alleged conspiracy to murder the King on his way from Newcastle races ……….”
Newmarket races, actually. There would be no means of watching racing at Newcastle and being in London that night in 1683.
2) (p.242) ” …….. the Marquis of Argyll …….”
The Marquis of Argyll was executed and attainted in 1661 – his son, the other 1685 rebel, was restored as a mere Earl.

I wouldn’t dare to check what Anthony Cheetham said about Richard III.


C17 deja vu all over again

Consider the following coincidences:

1) The Mortimer-York army in 1458-60 was led by the Duke of York, two sons, a brother-in-law and a nephew. Charles I’s principal commanders were himself, two sons and two nephews.
2) Richard of York had four healthy sons, one named after himself who became King. Charles I had three healthy sons, one of whom bore his own name and eventually succeeded him.
3) Richard III was crowned because his nephews (and nieces) were illegitimate, as was James VII/II.
4) Henry of Buckingham’s revolt was apparently coordinated with that of his cousin, Henry “Tudor”, as was James of Monmouth’s with the Earl of Argyll.
5) “Tudor” sought to land in Dorset, which Monmouth actually did.
6) Autumn 1483 and summer 1685 were both exceptionally wet, hindering the revolts.
7) Buckingham and Monmouth both went into hiding but were eventually captured.

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