The story of witchcraft….

We all have different ideas about witches, from the evil crones of Shakespeare to the gorgeous Glinda in The Wizard of Oz. The reality, it seems to me, is that most “witches” were innocent women (and some men) who were victimised for a wide variety of reasons. But that’s just my opinion. But nevertheless we’re… Continue reading The story of witchcraft….

From blacksmithing to stretching the history of Buckingham Palace…..

I’ve been watching the interesting Sky series The Prince’s Master Crafters, about ancient skills that are in danger of disappearing. This week it was the turn of blacksmithing, and it has to be said that the ladies among the contestants weren’t very happy bashing metal and managing fire. However, that wasn’t what caught my attention.… Continue reading From blacksmithing to stretching the history of Buckingham Palace…..

Marc Morris on mediaeval television programmes and films …

… programmes and films about the Middle Ages, not actually made during them – which would require an even greater advance that the Viking discovery of America before Columbus … Here he discusses: The Game of Thrones (2013), Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (1991), Ironclad (2013), The Last Kingdom (2015), Vikings (2013), Braveheart (1995)

We sailed against the Spanish Armada flying the Union Jack….

  Oh, puLEEEZE! Not English ships flying the Union Jack when fighting the Spanish Armada! The offending source of this blooper? One of the Drain the Ocean series of TV documentaries (Series 2, episode 7, entitled Secrets of the Spanish Armada) . The picture above is from the episode, but I couldn’t find one of… Continue reading We sailed against the Spanish Armada flying the Union Jack….

“Braveheart” at Falkirk – a great spectacle?

The Battle of Falkirk was fought on 22 July 1298. The English army, co-commanded by the Earl of Norfolk, defeated the Scots, led by Sir William Wallace, who resigned as Guardian of the Realm shortly afterwards. This setback for Wallace, following victory at Stirling Bridge the previous year, where Sir Andrew Moray was mortally wounded,… Continue reading “Braveheart” at Falkirk – a great spectacle?

The anachronism that wasn’t

This article lists a few errors in two current popular drama series but its criticisms are not as authoritative as they may seem. On “Victoria”, it quotes Professor Jane Ridley, who is a leading expert on that monarch and is a descendant of one of England’s first married bishops, and A.N. Wilson on several points. However,… Continue reading The anachronism that wasn’t

Another historical anachronism

Richard III, as we know, was originally buried by the Leicester Greyfriars or Franciscans, with whom his family had something of a connection. In an earlier era, the (fictional) Friar Tuck is portrayed as an associate of Robin Hood, resisting Prince John’s assumption of power in Richard I’s absence. Richard I died in 1199. The… Continue reading Another historical anachronism