Vikings in Oxford: What Led to the Attack of 1009 AD

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Viking ships at sea with warriors on board. Hand-colored woodcut of a 19th-century illustration “We all need earnestly to strive that we might gain God’s mercy and compassion, and that with his help we might resist our enemies. Now it is our will that all the people perform a…

Dogs and the Dog Days….

    Like most other people, I once thought that Dog Days did indeed have something to do with dogs. I eventually learned that no, they acquired their name from Sirius, the Dog Star, which is at its brightest during certain weeks in summer. The Ancient Greeks (some sites credit the Romans, so you can… Continue reading Dogs and the Dog Days….

Marc Morris on mediaeval television programmes and films …

… programmes and films about the Middle Ages, not actually made during them – which would require an even greater advance that the Viking discovery of America before Columbus … Here he discusses: The Game of Thrones (2013), Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (1991), Ironclad (2013), The Last Kingdom (2015), Vikings (2013), Braveheart (1995)

What is Stonehenge really about? This documentary puts forth some fascinating new information….

  Recently I was fortunate enough to change channels and happen upon The Stonehenge Enigma: What Lies Beneath? on Channel 5. I missed the very beginning, but saw most of it, and very interesting it was too. A huge circle of manmade “sinkholes has been found near Stonehenge, and the first of these holes when… Continue reading What is Stonehenge really about? This documentary puts forth some fascinating new information….

‘WE SPEAK NO TREASON’ – Rosemary Hawley Jarman

Richard brought to Greyfriars for Burial.  Artwork  Emma Vieceli Reblogged from We Speak No Treason And so once more the awful date has come and gone.  Many fictional Ricardian novels  have been written based on Richard and his life but surely the scenes of the aftermath of Bosworth in We speak no Treason written by the late Rosemary Hawley… Continue reading ‘WE SPEAK NO TREASON’ – Rosemary Hawley Jarman

The King of England and the King of Glam!

If you know me, you will know that, apart from Richard III, I have a passion for Marc Bolan, the leader of the ’70s rock group, T.Rex, and the initiator of Glam Rock. I could just as easily have titled this post ‘Ricardus Rex and T.Rex’! Having been concentrating on Richard over the last few… Continue reading The King of England and the King of Glam!

Is it ‘Forty’? Or ‘Fourty’?

The following article is from the excellent Merriam Webster online dictionary, and although I tried to post just the link, I couldn’t get it to work. So I’m posting the article in full, and state here and now that none of it is my work. It’s all Merriam Webster, very interesting and deals with the… Continue reading Is it ‘Forty’? Or ‘Fourty’?

Sixty-four bottoms sitting in a row….?

An article that is further to this … Yes, the illustration above is funny (from our fastidious modern viewpoint) but it is also accurate for toilet facilities from early medieval times, right up into the 20th century. I am now in my seventies, and can remember in my country childhood finding outhouses/privies with up to four ‘facilities’,… Continue reading Sixty-four bottoms sitting in a row….?