How to cast a “Richard III”

Here is a Guardian article about Arthur Hughes, who qualifies for the role in that he is male, disabled (in a subtle way) and was only thirty when chosen by the Royal Shakespeare Company, as was Richard III in June 1483 when chosen by the Three Estates. He isn’t an octogenarian, a woman or pretending… Continue reading How to cast a “Richard III”

Henry Tudor was a villain….

  “….Two years later, after being cast by Laurence Olivier as Henry Tudor in Richard III, he played a villain again in Child in the House….” Oh, the bliss of taking a sentence out of context. Yes, of COURSE Henry Tudor was a villain! The quote is from this link about the great Welsh actor… Continue reading Henry Tudor was a villain….

Wait ’til you see the Duke of Buckingham….!

  Here’s an old theatre anecdote:- “….There’s a luvvies’ tale known to every old thesp, about the Shakespearean giant and inveterate boozer Robert Newton, who rolled on stage one night, inebriated as a stoat. As the pickled ham spluttered, drooled and slurred through Richard III, a woman in the front row accused him: ‘You’re drunk!’… Continue reading Wait ’til you see the Duke of Buckingham….!

Further facial reconstructions

Dundee University has shown itself to be the gold standard for facial reconstruction in recent years, working from their subjects’ remains, as with Richard III, Robert I and Henry Lord Darnley. As Kathryn Warner shows here, Panagiotis Constantinou has generated several from effigies, sculptures and other images. They range, chronologically, from Henry III and Eleanor… Continue reading Further facial reconstructions

Now we have a hip-hop rapping Richard III….!

  The Bard’s Richard is always getting “the treatment” – of the theatrical kind, that is. I’m not talking about a conventional, straightforward production of the play, but of performances that vie with one another to be most noticed. To me that should read most outlandish. Sorry, but I’m an aging old traditionalist…. Originally, of… Continue reading Now we have a hip-hop rapping Richard III….!


When I saw that a new musical called THE HAUNTING OF RICHARD III was on at the Merlin Theatre in Frome, a mere 40 minutes away, how could I resist? I realise musical theatre is a bit of a ‘marmite’ subject for many, but in my own misspent youth, yes, I confess I tread the… Continue reading THE HAUNTING OF RICHARD III- A NEW MUSICAL

A historic gem hidden in a modern exterior….

  This wonderful new “old” theatre first came to my notice when it featured on BBC 24-hr News, so I hurried to learn more, which I found here. We all know about the Globe Theatre in London, but this reproduction of a 16th-century (the above article says 17th century) theatre is in Prescot, Liverpool. The… Continue reading A historic gem hidden in a modern exterior….

Was the Bard having a go at Robert Cecil when he wrote Richard III….?

  Matt Lewis is, of course, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supporting Richard III and this link is a very interesting article he’s written concerning why Shakespeare may have bad-mouthed Richard. I had no idea the Bard  could have been a secret Catholic who wanted the return of the old… Continue reading Was the Bard having a go at Robert Cecil when he wrote Richard III….?

‘Great magician, damned Glendower'(Part 2.)

Owain‘s training as a lawyer certainly did not stop him from pursuing a military career. in 1384 he is found undertaking garrison duty at Berwick in the retinue of the Flintshire knight Sir Gregory Sais. Sais was a renowned knight, with extensive combat experience in France, particularly Gascony. (He is also a good example of… Continue reading ‘Great magician, damned Glendower'(Part 2.)

‘Great magician, damned Glendower'(Part 1.)

‘Great magician, damned Glendower’ is how Shakespeare makes Henry IV refer to his elusive Welsh adversary. Of course, we all know that Shakespeare was principally a dramatist and a great distorter of historical truth. Nonetheless, it’s likely that this quote accurately reflects Bolngbroke’s feelings of frustration as he struggled to deal with Owain ap Gruffudd… Continue reading ‘Great magician, damned Glendower'(Part 1.)