The delusions of the Cairo-dwellers*

The fact that various foreign courts recognised Perkin Warbeck as Duke of York merely shows that he was a useful diplomatic tool against Henry VII. Even though he was personally known to Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy, it is obvious that he was animposter. She was clearly telling lies for political purposes. On the other hand,… Continue reading The delusions of the Cairo-dwellers*

Richard III ’caused Black Death’…

Well, no, he didn’t, but at times you might think he did. Along with the Rape of the Sabine Women, the Peasants’ Revolt, Jack Cade’s Rising, etc., etc. It’s quite understandable that many people think Richard was involved in dark deeds – name a medieval (or Tudor) sovereign who was not. However, there is a… Continue reading Richard III ’caused Black Death’…

Playing tonight

  Richard III, Act I, Scene I (Middleham Castle. RICHARD is discovered sitting on a throne, biting the heads off a basket of kittens as he comes up with his latest wicked scheme.) Enter LOVEL LOVEL. My lord, terrible news. A letter has come from Lord Hastings in London. Your royal brother, King Edward IV,… Continue reading Playing tonight

Shakespeare re-written …………..

Henry V DRIVER (presses bell) BUTLER (opens door) DRIVER: Mr. Monmouth? BUTLER: Sorry, he is busy at the moment. DRIVER: Dauphin’s Sporting Goods here. I have a delivery for him; can he spare a moment to sign for it? Otherwise I’ll probably have to take it back to the warehouse. BUTLER: He is with some… Continue reading Shakespeare re-written …………..