Please Melton, don’t invite Henry VII….

  Oh dear, the whole idea was excellent until I read the dreaded name Henry VII. Will someone please advise them not to bother with that piece of Tudor crud? He’s a party-pooper and will rain on their parade for sure. Go to site this site to read about the event at Melton.

Richard III: Coming Home – to the Yorkshire Museum….

The following extract is from site this site, which concerns various attractions in York. I have picked out the paragraphs that apply paricularly to Richard III. “….The Yorkshire Museum, meanwhile, is scheduled to re-open in late July – by which time it will have been closed for 16 months, thanks to the Covid pandemic. “….It… Continue reading Richard III: Coming Home – to the Yorkshire Museum….

The medieval fairs and markets of England and Wales to Edward VI….

In the course of trying to find out about the medieval fairs of St Albans, I came upon this site, which covers the fairs and markets of the whole of England and Wales to the reign of Edward VI. It’s interesting and very informative, turning up all sorts of obscure long-forgotten fairs and markets. And… Continue reading The medieval fairs and markets of England and Wales to Edward VI….

A few years ago …

… we showed you, through the use of snooker balls, how it is significantly more probable that the Y-chromosome break occurred in the long Gaunt-Beaufort male line than the Langley-York line to Richard III.Although snooker was a nineteenth century invention, some earlier monarchs might well have enjoyed it: Harold II, whose informal wife (in more… Continue reading A few years ago …

The bishop and the abbot, croziers at dawn….

Well, I’m shocked that such bribery, skulduggery and jostling for position should go on among the bishops and abbots of medieval England. Holy men shouldn’t behave like this! I’m afraid that when I read the following passages from this article, concerning events in the reign of Henry II, it conjured one of those old black-and-white… Continue reading The bishop and the abbot, croziers at dawn….

Two thousand years of Southwark Cathedral….

Southwark Cathedral, although only just across the Thames from St Paul’s and Westminster, has never received the same close attention of its rivals. At least, so it seems to me. Then, at the turn of the millenium, excavations began that led archaeologists back through time. A long time, because the cathedral’s beginnings stretch back over… Continue reading Two thousand years of Southwark Cathedral….

The real meaning of “Year of Grace”….

Yes, I’m saying it again: one does learn something new every day. This time it’s an explanation of the phrase ‘Year of Grace’. I had not really given it any thought at all, imagining it simply meant the year granted by God’s Grace. Well, in point of fact, it does mean that, but not in… Continue reading The real meaning of “Year of Grace”….

Richard’s generosity is contrasted with his successor’s parsimony

Here is a Telegraph documented article about Richard III’s distribution of money and other gifts at Christmas. Helpfully, they estimate the current value of some of his expenditure. Without mentioning any of Richard’s contemporaries, I am reminded of “Hey, Big Spender” reducing Ernie Wise to tears …

The Time Travellers Conference….?

I know you’re ahead of me here (ha! joke!) but can you imagine what my nincompoop brain did at first glance of the illustration below? That’s right, my brain leapt to “The Time Travellers Conference”. Oh, if only! What a thought, with or without Covid restrictions, but who/what/why/where would be involved in such a conference?… Continue reading The Time Travellers Conference….?

The English Medieval Cathedral

Durham Cathedral in the moonlight.. Reblogged from A Medieval Potpourri A familiar sight to both medieval royalty and commoners alike our Cathedrals soar above us, centuries old,  constant, enduring, and kind of  reassuring.   There is nothing more thrilling as you approach a cathedral city than the first glimpse of their cathedral appearing on the horizon.   So… Continue reading The English Medieval Cathedral