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This is “Murrey and Blue” , the team blog on historical themes that sets the historical agenda with a new post every day – mostly medieval or Early Modern, mostly English and many to mark anniversaries. We hope you will enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Murrey and Blue

  1. The nitty gritty of timings, the written evidence ( and the search for more as yet undiscovered or translated) and other first source material is crucial to uncovering the” Truth” as much as it can be discerned. I just feel that ” The truth is out there ” to quote a phrase.

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    Love your blog! It’s like an almost daily fix! Thought I’d share a poem I wrote on my blog below:

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  3. Poppy Pomfret on said:

    Hello. Just discovered this blog whilst searching for additional information after participating in “Rewriting Richard” at RSC last night. I’m beginning to wonder if the loathsome black stuff (aka as Pontefract Cakes) played some part in the disappearance of the princes in the tower. After all both Richard lll and also Richard ll had strong Pomfret connections? Any takers?


  4. Would you mind reaching out to me? I have a very specific question regarding the historical bridges over the Severn – specifically near Shrewsbury – that I’d like to discuss. Thanks!


    • viscountessw on said:

      What do you want to know? I’m not that much of an expert, but may know something. I live close to the Severn estuary, not upstream in Shrewsbury!


  5. michele monsour on said:

    I enjoyed your Feb. 9 essay on Richrd III, the Talbotts and Titulus Regius. It seems the effects of Tudor propaganda are longlasting. This goes for any attempt to rehabilitate Richard III to the treatment of Catholics and the Catholic Church under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.


  6. Hello, does anyone have info on the history of the effigy of Henry V at Westminster. It is claimed it was despoiled when Henry V had the silver head removed. However an intact effigy was drawn by Vertue around 1750, but by around 1800 the effigy’s head had vanished? A new effigy was made around 1970.


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