The story of Richard’s discovery, and a virtual tour of the Visitor Centre….

Illustration of Richard and Anne in procession

The story of how Richard III’s remains were discovered is a fascinating one, almost a fairy story, and happening upon a website that tells it properly is a bonus. If you go here you will arrive at the Seeing the Past website, which I thoroughly recommend. Credit is given where credit is due, i.e. with Philippa Langley and John Ashdown-Hill, and their hard work is illustrated very elegantly. Including explanations of the modern stained-glass windows at Leicester Cathedral, and of the pall for the coffin and altar.

John and Loretta – of the Seeing the Past website

Seeing the Past then visits the Richard III Visitor Centre, which we cannot all do in person, so it’s a delight to find a site where two people who know what they’re talking about have posted an exceedingly interesting, informative and well illustrated article.

So read and enjoy them in sequence, and see what other gems might lurk at this excellent website, from which all the above illustrations have been taken.


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  1. As the article says, “Miraculously”, two parallel leg bones were unearthed on the FIRST day of the dig. When does that sort of thing ever happen? Miraculously, yes.


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