In the teeth of the evidence

Here, a little-known television journalist-historian named Dominic Selwood disputes the identity of Richard III’s remains, despite the mtDNA match with collateral descendants in Canada and Australia, their height, age of death, era of death, scoliosis, battle injuries, region of origin and the location of his original burial at the choir of the Greyfriars. In fact there are only four traced female line descendants of Cecily Neville at present. The sheer cumulative nature of this evidence must surely be conclusive. Furthermore it is Richard’s paternal grandmother Anne Mortimer through whom the House of York claimed the throne and his Plantagenet male line is less likely to be broken than the longer line of the Dukes of Beaufort.

Yes, I know the Hicksosaurus questioned Richard’s identity, as described here, but he is a renowned academic historian whose writings in this respect have been overtaken by reality, such that he has boxed himself into a corner.

Selwood is not of such stature. History and Archaeology Online also demolishes his hair colour and carbon dating views here.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. I suspect that if Richard himself returned to tell Mr Selwood that the bones discovered at Greyfriars were indeed his, Mr Selwood would reply that Richard was mistaken and had misinterpreted his own demise.

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  2. Perhaps there is scope for a ‘Life of Brian’ novel where someone who is not Richard replicates Richard’s life in every way, including ancestry.

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  3. looks like quite a few people have not checked whether mr sellwood is actually an ‘expert’ before giving him the oxygen of publicity. reworking ‘denial discourse’ really isnt news -and the hedging of bets at the end is laughable. very poor journalism by gb news and scottish daily express


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