More Legendary Ten Seconds songs …

with Jules Jones as lead vocalist:

A new album highlighting the singing of Jules Jones on some of her favourite songs of the Legendary Ten Seconds.
Recorded in Torbay, Kingsteignton, Teignmouth and Madron.
Released on Richard the Third Records,

Songs mastered by Phil Swann in Kingsteignton.
Jules Jones lead and harmony singing
Ian Churchward guitars, keyboards, mandolin, mandola, ukulele and singing
Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass guitar and drums
Martyn Hillstead drums and percussion
Phil Swann guitars, mandolin and bouzouki
Jay Brown bass guitar, keyboards, tambourine and singing
Rob Bright lead guitar
Elaine Churchward harmony singing
Bridgit England violin and harmony singing
Ashley Dyer trumpet
Dave Clifford bass guitar
Sam Swann bass guitar

  • A Journey Back in Time – a song about long ago from the last ice age to the dark ages
  • In Sanctuary – a song about the birth of Edward V
  • They Came to Edinburgh – a song about an invasion of Scotland in 1482 by the English
  • Who Lays There – a song about the Edward V stained glass window in Coldridge
  • The Spanish are Coming – a song about the Spanish Armada
  • William of Orange – a song about the Glorious Revolution of 1688
  • They Kept on Marching – a song about the Salvation Army in Victorian Torquay
  • Drinking Fountains – a song about the drinking fountains of Torquay
  • Holidays in Cornwall – a song about childhood memories of holidays in Cornwall
  • The Metal Detectorist – a song about finding old coins buried in the ground
  • A Horseman Came Riding – a song about a fairy tale
  • White Surrey and How Do You Rebury a King – songs about Richard III

Songs 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 7 &12 composed by Ian Churchward

Song 4 composed by John Dike and Ian Churchward

Song 8 composed by Elaine Churchward and Ian Churchward

Song 9 composed by Jay Brown and Ian Churchward

Song 11 composed by Martyn Hillstead and Ian Churchward

Jules Jones is a female vocalist who first started singing with the Legendary Ten Seconds during the recording of the History Book Part One, Mer de Mort and Devon Roses albums. These were released in 2019 and are English folk rock concept albums with a medieval theme in a similar style to the five Richard III and Wars of the Roses concept albums previously recorded by the band. Jules has subsequently continued to contribute her melodic singing to some further songs of the Legendary Ten Seconds. The latest album of the Legendary Ten Seconds was completed in August 2022 and it is the first album of the band to feature the lead vocals of Jules Jones on all of the tracks. Jules also sings with another South Devon based group called the Estuary Band. Her lovely singing is also featured on the New Beginnings album recorded by Phil Swann.

The Legendary Ten Seconds started off as the solo music project of Ian Churchward during the time when he was the lead guitar player of The Morrisons who were featured on John Peel‘s radio one show back in 1987. In 2013 Lord Zarquon joined Ian’s music project and since then various guest musicians and vocalists have helped out in the recording studio.


By legendaryten

I sing and play guitar in a band called The Legendary Ten Seconds

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