Tudor Scaredy Cats

cartoon cat looking scared

I recently entered a debate on enemy territory, being driven to it by the quote “Henry VII, ‘graced with the crown he had so gloriously won’, enters London…” – well, I couldn’t let that pass without comment, could I? This was on the page of Nathen Amin, the Champion of Henry “Tudor”. As you can imagine, it turned into a lively debate, with points given on both sides of the argument and it was generally polite.

I was enjoying replying to various comments especially one participant with the surname Tudor, (apparently), and felt I was very much holding my own, when suddenly I was unable to comment because the admin, Amin, ‘limited who can comment’ on the post, the reason given as ‘too much nonsense’ being posted.

It seems Tudor supporters are scaredy cats just like their ‘glorious’ leader!



  1. And yet several ‘Tudorites’ have been able to voice their opinions in articles in the Ricardian Bulletin lately. It makes little sense to me but it sure is annoying.

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  2. Joann, just showing up in the face of a stacked deck is a win – think of how that must curdle their blood. In a fair fight (which Bosworth most certainly wasn’t, remove William Stanley, or neutralize him with even a modicum of counter actions from Percy and Richard brings down Richmond in one blow) the Amin faction of this foolish ‘debate’ is based on insecurity. They are defending a weak position, and they know it – over here in the States we have a (Constutional) lawyer who advises his students and others to ‘never start a fight with a man who’s threshold for pain is higher than your own’ – what that means for Amin et al, is that Richard, and those who recognize the injustice dealt him, are a whole lot hardier than anything put up to defend the ‘Tudors’ (and they know it).
    Smell the fear Joann, and smile.

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  3. We shouldn’t be at all surprised by their reactions, but well done you on holding your own against such bigotry and insecurity x

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