Further facial reconstructions

Dundee University has shown itself to be the gold standard for facial reconstruction in recent years, working from their subjects’ remains, as with Richard III, Robert I and Henry Lord Darnley. As Kathryn Warner shows here, Panagiotis Constantinou has generated several from effigies, sculptures and other images. They range, chronologically, from Henry III and Eleanor of Provence to Henry VIII‘s “wives”, of whom Catherine Howard was the last to be born.

We are only going to share two of his results, for a reason that will be clear. On the left is Edward II. On the right is a certain actor similarly made up …





Now we come to Edward III (left) and another actor with a very similar face. Remember, as Hathaway said: paintings are hung, people (including Mortimers) are hanged.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.


  1. George Plantagenet “by Panagiotis Constantinou” like Ilon Mask 🙂
    Richard III is beatifull. But it is a pity that the portrait is posthumous, therefore unreliable (Richard III, portrait with overpaint, c. 1504–20, The Royal Collection)


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