Urswick, the red rose and being the saviour of Henry VII….

Well, it’s a fair bet that anything involving David Starkey is going to be anti-Richard III. If it also concerns Christopher Urswick, it’s a foregone conclusion. Both crop up in the Sutton House Lecture of (I think) 2019.

It seems that “historian and TV and radio presenter David Starkey” (they forgot the comedian bit) gave a special talk at Sutton House. I’ll bet it was a corker.

Urswick (he of the sweet countenance above) is credited with the adoption of the red rose badge. Um…if he did, then he’s a damned sight older than I thought. The red rose went back at least as far as John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. So a Lancastrian emblem since then and hardly a nifty new idea by Christopher Urswick.

He also “may have saved the life of the future Henry VII from the villainous Richard III”. Eh? Acting as a go-between between Margaret Beaufort and her offspring does NOT amount to saving said offspring’s life. I fear the statement is akin to a recent claim that when Henry Tudor escaped from Wales as a boy, he was fleeing the clutches of Richard III. Richard wasn’t king then, but he gets the blame. Of course. Starkey wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for Richard being villainous…. What a laugh. He was the rightful king and he was too damned lenient. If he’d been a Tudor he’d have hacked off Margaret Beaufort’s treacherous head. Fortunately for her he wasn’t in her son’s odious mould. But how unfortunate for Richard that he was too good!

“….Prof Starkey is one of the most famous historians in the country, so it was good for them [students] to have first-hand experience of listening to David Starkey….” I’m afraid that he’s mostly famous for his ridiculous foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for Richard III. He makes himself look quite ridiculous. However knowledgeable he is about the Tudors, Starkey simply cannot see past the red mist raised by Richard’s very name. It reduces the quality of everything he does. In my opinion, anyway.

PS: And after all his scheming and plotting, Urswick was yet another one who fell out with unloveable Henry Tudor. I hope he was thankful not to have gone the way of Sir William Stanley, another one who saw the light too late!


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  1. well – i dont think starkey will be getting any new media commissions – i think he is ‘toxic’ since his ill advised comments about slavery a couple of years ago. he’s found out that spouting vitriol about subjects you know nothing about eventually leads to the wilderness. i just wish he could also be held to account over his villification of richard.


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