Murder at Pencoed Castle….

Pencoed Castle….from

Last night I watched a documentary about the 2016 murder of call girl Georgina Symonds by her lover, millionaire Peter Morgan. The story of the murder is intriguing enough, but I found myself being more concerned about the scene of the crime, the picturesque ruins of Pencoed Castle in Monmouthshire. It’s situated at Llanmartin, near Newport, and had been purchased by the above Peter Morgan with the intention of renovating, etc. etc. The work was never completed.

Looking for more information about the castle, I found that it had originated in the Norman period, but that the present ruins are mainly Tudor and that one of the owners, Sir Thomas Morgan (c.1453–1510), had fought at Bosworth. I don’t think he was a forebear of Peter Morgan, the name is simply a coincidence. The records I found don’t state on which side he fought.

To read more about Pencoed Castle, go to this site and Wikipedia also has an interesting page.

To read about the murder, go here.

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