The stained-glass windows at Canterbury Cathedral are among Europe’s oldest….

A windolyser is a hand-held device that can discover the age of the glass without damaging it. From BBC News

Thanks to a TV documentary involving student stained-glass glaziers this viewer was taken to Canterbury Cathedral to see its astonishingly beautiful windows, some of which we learned have now been dated as early as the mid-1100s, maybe even the 1130s..

Léonie Seliger, the head of stained glass conservation at the cathedral, and part of the research team examining the windows, said: “[The stained glass] would have witnessed the murder of Thomas Becket, they would have witnessed Henry II come on his knees begging for forgiveness, they would have witnessed the conflagration of the fire that devoured the cathedral in 1174. And then they would have witnessed all of British history.”

Prior to this dating it was believed that all the earlier glass had been destroyed in the fire, but now it’s apparent that some definitely survived and was used in the rebuilding.

You can read more about the glass here and at Canterbury Cathedral’s own site – and there are many other sites that deal with this interesting subject.

from BBC News Kent which gives links to many other articles about the windows



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  1. I’m always amazed at how beautiful stained glass windows are, especially when you consider how long ago they were done.
    The knowledge these people had all those years ago, is astounding.
    It’s not just the windows though, but the very buildings themselves, the height of them with no thought for health and safety, or anything else that would have to be considered now, before even one brick could be laid! Thank you for the article.

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