Anne of Cleves’ House

Here it is, the house in Haverhill that the “sister” of Henry VIII lived in for a few years, as part of their non-consummation annulment settlement, only six months after the “marriage” in Greenwich to follow a betrothal at Rochester. She outlived Henry, Holbein who painted her, Cromwell who arranged the wedding, Cranmer who presided over it and all of Henry’s other “wives”, even if she had some assistance in four of those cases.

Sadly, it is now a care home and physiotherapist’s premises nowadays so one cannot visit it easily. The outside remains stunning and merits comparison with Mary Queen of Scots‘ house in Jedburgh.

The town in south-west Suffolk, that is also a post-war London overspill, was famous for making these smocks that frequently feature in the works of Hardy.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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