The Great British Dig – History in Your Garden (3)

This excellent Channel Four programme has returned for a third series soon after the second, perhaps because the pandemic interrupted some of the earlier filming.

The first episode features Odiham Place in Hampshire, looking for the home of Sir Francis Walsingham, although it was actually built for Henry VIII and was smaller than a 1739 map showed. The second is about Glen Mill in Oldham, built in 1903 then abandoned to become a camp for prisoners of war, before a housing estate was built over it. Then they follow the course of the Civil War to King’s Lynn, where Parliamentarians retook the town at a 1643 siege and fortified it with twenty-metre wide ramparts, using it to import armaments for causes such as the battle of Marston Moor. At Oswestry, they search for and find Morda House, the town’s Georgian workhouse and its later chapel, both of which burned down a few decades ago. Finally, in the Coventry suburbs, they seek Biggin Hill Grange, where lay brothers once grew produce to sell for the local priory, before a drapers’ society took it over and there was later an air raid shelter on the site.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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