Richard III’s mystery daughter….


Mynydd Maen, photograph by Torfaen Corvine

Here is an extract from this article:

“….Apparently a priest lived there [Mynydd Maen] during the Middle Ages and after an argument with Queen Elizabeth who was the daughter of King Richard III, he was hanged on the moor….”

Eh? When did Richard beget a Queen Elizabeth???????? Which one? Elizabeth of York or Elizabeth I? The only kings to “beget” a Queen Elizabeth are Edward IV (who married Elizabeth Woodville) and Henry VIII. Poor old Richard is blamed for a lot of things, but not siring a priest-hanging shrew!

PS: I wonder if there are still medieval priests lurking in the bracken disguised as sheep?



  1. Maybe he was her father in a parallel universe, and the information leaked over to this one….


  2. Looks like a comma after “Elizabeth” followed by the word “about” would help it make more sense!


  3. This reminds me of a book on Worcestershire which claimed that Richard III had murdered Edward, Earl of Warwick – at Hanley Castle! How they managed to get so much wrong in one short paragraph I do not know.

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