What if Lullingstone’s royal visitor of the past were still in residence….?

Lullingstone Castle, Kent

The south wing of Lullingstone Castle in Kent is up for sale, as you can see in this article This is how I’ve learned that none other than Henry VII was once a regular visitor.

Oh, ye gods. Imagine being a modern-day visitor who has get up on a winter’s night to look for the you-know-what…and while searching opening a door to find a candlelit room with old Miseryguts in his nightshirt, huddled by the fireplace, his bowl of porridge just finished, his bony feet in his slippers, scowling as he waits for his hot water bottle.  What an awful thought! 😲 

Otherwise, the situation of Lulllingstone Castle is superb, but I’m not so sure I’m overjoyed by the interior.

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