The passing of James Butler, sculptor of the most loved statue of Richard III….


James Butler, the sculptor who created the matchless statue of Richard III outside Leicester Cathedral, has died aged 90. RIP, and thank you for a work that is inspirational to all Ricardians. .

You can read his obituary here. A quick search online will reveal many more such acknowledgements of the man who was, without doubt in my opinion, one of the finest British sculptors ever.


    1. In this statue he looks so vital, strong and alive…the one at Middleham makes him look as if he has bellyache!


  1. I love this statue of Richard too, and like Sparkypus says, we won’t discuss the other monstrosity!
    I have to be honest in that I didn’t know much about the sculptor, but having read the obituary he sounds a quite fascinating man, with an amazing talent.
    Thank you for yet another very interesting article Vicountess.

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  2. I dont think a statue of him is a good idea, he could have ordered the deaths of his two nephews


    1. If they were killed, there were any number of people who “could” have done it, but there’s no proof whatsoever that they were done away with at all, so your comment is hardly appropriate on a blog that supports Richard. I trust not to hear from you again. You should know that your subsequent comments, with persistent suggestions about Richard’s guilt, have been binned!


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