Some people create just for fun, others to have fun AND to inform. Suffolk modelmaker Colin Patten plans to do both in a large-scale model of the entire town of Ipswich in late medieval times, before the abbeys and priories were swept away in the Reformation.

Mr Patten has already done a similar model of Waterford in Ireland. The detail is exquisite and shows the finer details as well as major ones–the crafts and businesses of the ordinary folk. In Waterford, the model was used to design a real-life heritage walk, and he hopes the same thing might be possible in Ipswich, rejuvenating the interest in the town’s history.

It would be fascinating to see other such projects taking place in various towns and cities, as so much history is still there, forgotten but still tucked away behind newer facades.

Model of Waterford by Colin Patten- credit Colin Patten.




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