Richard III’s boar badge found at Chiddingly manor house in 1999….


The Chiddingly Boar

“….in 1999 a metal detectorist made an extraordinary find that’s become known as the Chiddingly Boar: ‘The white boar badge was used by Richard III’s household and followers between 1472 and 1485,’ the British Museum explain on their website of the hat badge that is now in their collection….”

“….The boar was Richard’s symbol, and thousands were made to mark his coronation in 1483. Almost all, however, were in bronze or pewter; this is the sole surviving example of one in silver, suggesting that it was given to one of Richard’s nobleman supporters who subsequently lost it….”

The above extract is from this site where there are a lot of photographs of the manor house in question, and where the Chiddingly boar was found in 1999.

Chiddingly Manor House


To read more about the boar go to this article If it was indeed given to an important nobleman, I wonder which one? A man who stayed Richard’s friend/supporter? Or one of the rotten turncoats? I suppose we’ll never know.



  1. How lovely and what a pretty house, but why does someone always have to refer to Shakespeare’s description of Richard? Why can’t they just let it lie? Maybe we’d be in with more of a chance of people thinking more kindly of him, without said description!
    Having said that, I’d love to know who the badge originally belonged to.


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