A tiny gold Bible on a par with the Middleham Jewel….?


An NHS nurse—Buffy Bailey—has struck gold, quite literally, being a detectorist who has located a jewel that is taking the archaeological world by storm. When she eventually reaps the benefit, her income will knock NHS wages into a cocked hat!

She found a tiny gold Bible pendant (only 1.5 cm long!) that seems to have survived without a blemish. And this time the find is near Sheriff Hutton castle, with the inevitable hope that it might have had some connection to Richard III. Those who knows these things have likened the Bible pendant to the important Middleham Jewel, even thining the Bible was engraved by the same blacksmith and given to the same owner. Did blacksmiths work on such precious items?

Anyway, it seems that the engravings are of saints who, in the medieval period, were regarded as significant to childbirth. So, was one of Richard’s female relatives expecting a child? Of course, it may not have anything at all to do with Richard, but we always hope.

To read more about this exceptional discovery, go to this site

PS: Please note that I didn’t mention clay pipes once! 😄

Middleham Jewel


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