A new film about Charles II….

Well, if the above painting (left) really is “Charles Spencer….the younger brother to late Princess Diana” I’m impressed by his complete dedication to his subject, Charles II! Talk about entering into the spirit of things! 😁

I look forward to the ultimate film but am rather more enthusiastic about Steve Coogan’s earlier film about the finding of Richard III. That’s of much more interest to me than all the Stuarts put together. You’ll find more about the latest film go here. https://www.newsbytesapp.com/news/entertainment/novel-by-princess-diana-s-brother-getting-on-screen-adaptation/story?fbclid=IwAR2aVbuP25cBPr4-FStrAnL1g51PQwO61sebaNmVz7F_A4OqOX7NisVw1jQ It is from this article that I’ve taken the above illusstration, complete with caption.

Apart from that, I begin to think that the number of trees up/under/behind which Charles II hid are as numerous as the beds Elizabeth I rested her sleepy head. But neither of them can compete with King John. That man had more hunting lodges than there were days in the year.

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