In case you haven’t noticed …

… we like our anniversaries here at Murrey and Blue. Having received this book about anniversaries as a birthday present, I found a substantial amount of unfamiliar information and several new cases, but there were two noticeable lacunae:

  1. (14th June on the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt): “Sudbury‘s skull survives, in St. Gregory’s Church in Norwich …” – actually, you will find that church in SUDBURY, where one of Simon’s ears is still attached to his skull.
  2. (25th November on Elizabeth of York‘s 1487 coronation):
    “She narrowly escaped marriage to Richard III …” – actually to Manuel of Beja whilst Richard was to marry Joanna, as Barrie Williams showed in 1983;
    “… Elizabeth was detained at Sheriff Hutton Castle …” – actually, she lived there with her sisters, Richard’s own son, the Earl of Warwick and his sister, the Earl of Lincoln and his unmarried siblings plus any other royal children.

Still, that makes 99.5% of the articles accurate and other contibutors are acknowledged so we cannot conclusive attribute all the errata to Snow.


By super blue

Grandson of a Town player.

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